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Hire Paparazzi in Charlotte

Experience the glitz and glam of celebrities being followed by paparazzi and journalists down the streets of LA or New York—it's a sight we all know from TV. But wouldn't it be absolutely amazing to witness that scene right here in Charlotte? Even better, imagine if it were happening to you! At Famous for a Day, we can turn that dream into a thrilling reality. While we can't make you genuinely famous, we offer the next best thing—making you fake famous! As the nation's premier source for paparazzi for hire, we can provide you with your very own faux photographers to cover your life for a few hours or even an entire day. Rent a paparazzi and transform any ordinary outing into an extraordinary event!

While we may not have complete control over whether you become a genuine celebrity, Famous For a Day can certainly make you the talk of Charlotte! We bring you all the glitz and glamour of being a true celebrity when you hire your very own personal paparazzi from us.

Our offerings include several packages for you to choose from. With the basic package, you can hire four personal paparazzi to accompany you wherever you go. Whether it's a trip to the local grocery store or a hot date at night, our event photographer will be with you every step of the way. If you have a unique vision for your faux celebrity experience, just let us know, and we'll happily accommodate it. Rest assured; we will make this one of the most unforgettable days of your life.

When you choose to hire our services, prepare to be the center of attention in Charlotte! Our skilled personal paparazzi possess the expertise and charisma to generate genuine interest in you, regardless of where the day takes you. With flashbulbs going off left and right, everyone around you will be eager to talk to you, shake your hand, and snap photographs with you to show off to their friends and family.

Renting an event photographer from us means they'll be with you for as long as you desire—after that, they'll gracefully exit, leaving you with a collection of photographs from all your exciting adventures. Just like returning a tuxedo at the end of the night, this way you never get tired of feeling like a celebrity and can rest comfortably once the spotlight fades. It's time to become Charlotte's biggest star, so give us a call at Famous For a Day. We'll gladly share all the details on how to get your very own event photographer - or even a bodyguard and publicist - to treat you like the legend you are. Discover what it's like to live like a star now!

Contact us today to explore our personalized paparazzi offerings that will leave your guests in awe. We'll make your event shine like no other!


We have paparazzi bundles that can cover any event. From the simple A-list celebrity on up to an absolute media frenzy! Want something outside of our standard package deals? Some screaming fans and autograph hounds thrown in as well? Ask about our custom packages!

a–list package

superstar package

  • 4 personal paparazzi
  • Up to 1 hour
  • Digital delivery of 10-15 pictures
  • 1 Bodyguard
  • More Info
  • reserve now

megastar package

  • 6 personal paparazzi
  • 2 hours
  • Digital delivery of 15-20 pictures
  • 1 bodyguard & 1 publicist
  • Limousine
  • More Info
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Whether you are ready to go or still have some questions...You know you deserve the attention. You probably even have an occasion in mind. Time to alert the press - Give us a call and we will set up your day of fame!



Time to alert the presses - fill out our contact form and let us know about the occasion you have in mind. Whether you are ready to go or still have some questions, we know that you deserve all the attention on your special day.


Time to alert the presses - fill out our contact form.